What Evolution Actually Does

What Evolution Can Do--NOTHING! There is no such thing as organic or biological evolution!

The truth is: Micro evolution is actually a false name for the real science known as genetic variation. Meaning: micro evolution never happpened. Darwin's finches experienced genetic variation


Macro evolution (big changes--from one creature

to another)— But no human has ever seen this

happen, and all claims of such are pure                            speculation based on similarities (see article

on poor thinking)

So--Science has genetic variation to explain the small changes in appearance in any one kind of creature, such as the beaks of the finches. However,
The real question is: What created the bird and its beak in the first place? 

 Atheists like to thinkthat matter has always existed and somehow some soupy stuff accidentally started life andgradually—by accumulation of many small accidental changes—developed into all the living thingswe see today—macro evolution—which is agoo-becoming-you philosophy (also known as "goo-to-you").  

Atheists/evolutionistsprimarily try to justify this thinking by the similaritywe see in many creatures.  The problem with their using similarity is that they ignore the fact that design engineers use similar components in different mechanisms.   A further problem is  that evolutionists use bad logic.  My article on evolution and poor thinking speaks of thisevolutionist use of "invent your own truth" method of logic. 

Creationists realize thatliving things are so supremely complex (the earth and universe, too) thatthere had to be a designer.  I would think that any reasonable person would agree that my illustration of the basic evidence of our hearing system (home page) certainly indicates the necessity of a designer. 

The books and websites I have listed will point out more scholarly detail of evolution's problems, and the wording on evolution in the biology textbooks will reveal that they are guessing--words like: must have, surely, had to have, probably, it doesn't seem, it is inconceivable that, could have, and others.  Their illustrations and descriptions of living systems will also show God's creations to have fantastic purpose and design!

Conclusions—Micro evolution and Macro evolution, which evolutionists claim, never happened.

                       ---Intelligent, Powerful God Created all

May God bless your efforts towards the truth—You can start learning to know the REAL eternal truth now.

                                    Here's how:

God’s grace, mercy, salvation, and corrections are available to every one of us—but ONLY through His Son Jesus Christ! You should know that He is just a sincere confession, repentance, and belief away. Find a Bible and look up Romans 3:10, 23; 6:23a; 5:8; 6:23b; 10:9, 10, 13; Luke 13:3; Acts 7:55, 56; and John 3:3,16;14:15—20! Then start by confessing to Jesus that you—like me and everyone else—are a sinner who deserves our holy God's consequences for sin—death. Tell Jesus that you repent of your sins—you want to change your ways, sin no more. Tell Jesus that you believe He died on that Cross to take YOUR DEATH PENALTY—AND—He defeated death by rising from the dead and is now at the right hand of God the Father. Then thank Jesus and ask Him to give you a new life—come into your heart and live through you. 

If you were truly sincere—from your heart, you have just begun a fantastic journey with God.