Computers are fantastic machines (I worked for many years repairing computers), but you should know that a computer is only as good as the engineers who designed it-----AND----- only does what its programmer(s) tell it to do. Knowing this you will realize that a computer isno more reliable than its engineers and no more honest than its programmer(s).

Many of you have heard the expression "Seeing is Believing."  What we see—whether true or false—has a strong influence on what we believe—especially if we are not aware of counter claims about the subject involved.  

Video games are run by specialized computers--or programs you put in your computer--many of which draw "people" that look almost as if they could be real persons. This tells us that computers can be used to makeimages of people and other living things (organisms) appear seemingly real and able to do almost anything.  


 But video examples of evolution--SCREEN OR BOOK--are all an  artist's guesswork--a product of the evolutionist's imagination!


Teenager, don't get fooled.  Use critical thinking and study both sides of the story.  In addition to my home page illustration and description of your hearing system,  my articles on evolution's use of superstition and poor thinking, plus the cosmological argument for the existence of God would be a good start.for your studies. But be sure to check into my lists of books and websites for more scholarly proof that evolution is a hoax.

                    Do yourself a big favor

Consider the real possibility that God is for REAL—He is the real POWER in this world.  He is also the only source of real happiness—especially eternal happiness—because--as loving as God is---------


Get a Bible—

See Romans chptr 3, verses 10, 23; chptr 6, verse 23a

God used people to tell us about Himself and His rules.

There is a lot of truth to the expression--
           "Born once, die twice; born twice, die once"
Be sure to read Chapters 20: verse 14;  and 21: verse 8 in the Bible's Book of Revelation, 
You do not want to experience the SECOND DEATH

Life without God is downright dumb—I should know; I lived and observed it but now know that God is the real source of wisdom, love, power, and joy.  Don't try to live without God!

The following tells how to take your first step in knowing God--Jesus!

Open the door by starting to talk to Jesus--Assume He is right beside you, because He is!

Admit that you have done wrong—sinned against God (We all have, and some sins seem terrible, but the blood of Jesus cleanses every sin you have done—or will do!)

Tell Jesus

             you repent (want to change), sin no more

              that you believe that He is God, Who died for

              your sins.

              that you believe that He rose from the dead.

Then thank Jesus and ask Him to come into your heart, take over your life, and make you His—God's—servant forever. (Trust that God is now in you and expect to soon start sensing a change.)

Then run to a Bible-believing, evolution-rejecting church and tell them what you have done—and start learning to know God—an awesome thrill!

Those of you who still have doubts, at least run to a Bible-believing, evolution-rejecting church and ask for more information about Jesus—and  start learning about God—Whose power and love are real!

Also refer to my list: "Bible Subjects, Sources of"

               Don't you miss out on God's grace. 
                              Choose Jesus!          

Thanks for reading this.

Herb G.

Evolution Videos & Drawings are Kiddie Cartoons