Evolution Encourages Homosexuality

Teenager of America (and parents),

No one has to be a homosexual, because—

—Homosexuality is a Cruel Deception, and America’s public schools ought to be ashamed—if a person plants a tree and the wind and/or other forces cause it to grow crooked, he or she will try to help it to grow straight. Likewise, when social forces push a child towards homosexuality, the people responsible for the child’s well-being (parents and school), if they have the child’s best interests at heart, will try to help the child become the heterosexual (normal person) he or she was created to be—Shame on our public schools—and libraries—for encouraging developing children to become homosexual--that is cowardice, which describes too many Americans today!

------------Public Schools, you want to reduce bullying, then quit taking the coward's way out by encouraging children to accept homosexuality!  Get them to counseling that will help them become the heterosexual they were born to be -------------

It disgusts me—and should disgust any adult—that so much of American society is becoming so fearful that we won’t stand up against what God declares to be wrong—and homosexuality is wrong, wrong, wrong! There is no proof of anyone being born that way, and you, Teenager of America, do not have to be a homosexual!  I speak from supernatural experiences, which you may or may not believe.  I present  several examples that had enough physical involvement that I cannot believe I imagined them.  So, if you wish, please read on.  However, if you would rather read what scholars, real scientists, and former homosexuals have learned, please look into the following websites.

—see www.josephnicolosi.com  www.pfox.org   www.CitizensLink.com  www.ApologeticsPress.org www.askdrbrown.org www.equip.org  www.sbministries.org www.barbwire.com      www.Ex-gayTruth.com and others.

 My experiences, which follow, are meant to show you that there is a spirit world—God  is real, so is satan (he doesn’t deserve a capital ‘s’).  I sayhomosexuality is a spiritual problem that can be overcome, especially by the power of Jesus—God!  Many of my experiences tell me of the tremendous pressures (urges) a person must reject to whip homosexuality—and Jesus should be your source of strength.

AGAIN, I say----


------------CHECK INTO MY ADVICE AND------------


        You do not have to accept homosexuality. 

       Repeatedly reject it—IMMEDIATELY—and its

                          influence will diminish



                           THE POWER OF JESUS!


You, Teenager of America—have enough problems growing up without being encouraged to choose a lifestyle that deprives you of most of the joys God offers to the human race—especially the joy of learning to know and serve God--you haven't seen power until you experience God's POWER!

Psychologists will tell you that it is just about impossible to identify all the elements and their interactions that determine the type of person a child grows up to be.(1) They have identified many of the major factors, but there is no way of completely controlling or observing a child’s life such that you can be sure how he or she will turn out.  IF you care at all, help the boy become a man and the girl a woman—Don’t take the coward’s way out and let society simply drag him or her into perversion

NOTE--by coward’s way, I speak of things like moral relativism where social leaders are too wimpy to try to prevent or correct some peoples’ ungodly social actions). Think about that, Teenager of America. If this continues in America, you will be living in a cesspool—talk to your parents.

What will this cesspool be like if homosexuality becomes an accepted way of life?—Pity the two boys who happen to be best of friends—pals who decide to experiment with this "gay stuff" their school tells them about and says it is good.  There is a strong possibility one or both will become homosexual--read the testimonies given in my books and websites lists.

—parents, YOU should be worried!—

Homosexuality is a learned lifestyle--you become like the person(s) you associate with--One very shameless homosexual told me he likes to play with young boys so they would become like him, as was done to him when he was young!  

And schools are encouraging the same by approving and allowing homosexual actions on campus.  I witnessed two high-school boys kissing and grasping each other with eight or ten teenagers eagerly surrounding, watching while at a football game. Teenager of America, reject any temptation to imitate or experiment with homosexual actions; the trap you can fall in is vicious.

Note--One curious thing happened at that football game.  I was giving teens my tract (81/2" X 11" paper denouncing evolution, telling about your need for Jesus, and with a paragraph stating that no one has to be homosexual).  The boys were coming up a ramp, and I was at the top with one tract in my left hand.  As the boys came near me--totally involved in kissing each other--one of them reached out and grabbed the tract, and they continued on.

I had no sign, said nothing, and they never looked at me, but God must have wanted at least one of the boys to reject homosexuality.  It is happenings like that that fuel my engines to let the world know that evolution and homosexuality are WRONG!


Parents, you should do something--
-----If you have a child who thinks he or she might be a homosexual and tells you the school said to go ahead and be that way, I would get a lawyer and sue that school for corrupting the morals and life of a minor!-------------DO SOMETHING!-----------

---------Another thought for parents---------Why can’t Christian churches set up foster parent systems where parents of a child that seems to be heading for homosexuality can temporarily let that child live with trained foster parents who may give that child the right social atmosphere to cause him or her to decide to reject homosexuality and that he is going to be a normal man or she a normal woman. 

Incidentally, www.Josephnicolosi.com has a book for parents who would like to know more about preventing homosexuality.

OK, Teenager of America, here’s my story—


                                    LISTEN UP!

What I write or say concerning belief in evolution being a major contributor towards homosexuality is not meant to win some popularity contest. Some of you will laugh and think I am stupid for writing this, but the shoes I have walked in—the years of aggravation while fighting off the cause of homosexuality—have given me a certain amount of sympathy for the homosexual and a hatred for the way evolution and schools are encouraging children to accept that unfortunate perversion.

It would be a crime for me to know what I know and not do something—I must fight the forces that aggravated me so much and believe that some people will be inspired to avoid or get out of the homosexual trap after reading my story. I also expect many people to ridicule me, but I am willing to be so mocked—America must quit trying to make the perversion of homosexuality an honorable way of life!

--------I still pray for a young man whom I saw at a gay celebration in a large park in a major city. I had signs up, witnessing for Jesus and against evolution, when I heard "Keep moving Jimmy" (not his real name). I looked toward the voice and saw a man, about 30, pointing ahead and repeating his command. I then saw a group of seven or eight men walking, and a young man (about 20) rising up on his toes and with an expression of desperation looking back at me. I often wonder what I could have said or done—and intend to do something if it happens again. If you are Christian, please pray for Jimmy.)

A short diversion of thought—

—Did you know? One Wednesday night I became angry at a church concerning a speaker they had. I left, and that anger kept occupying my thoughts. At home I lay back on the couch (still angry) and fell asleep. The next thing I knew, a bearded man was pulling me up into a sitting position—he pulled me part-way up, then I fell back; he pulled me up again and then disappeared. Besides disappearing, the really supernatural part of this is that he was reaching through my chest, and I could feel his hands gripping my spine!

Does that seem bizarre, incredible? Of course, but that was just one of many experiences that have  reinforced my belief in the spirit world—which began when Jesus removed (instantly and completely--eighteen-years ago) my addictions to drinking, smoking and gambling (with me doing nothing more than asking Him to do so)!

My other essays in this web site are based on facts that you can research and verify. This particular essay is founded on some of my experiences (more, shortly) that I hope to use to help you understand that homosexuality is a spiritual deception!!! Also, even if you have no homosexual inclinations, your life will be better if you realize that there really are supernatural "people" with great powers, some of whom want to ruin—or even destroy--your life in ways other than homosexuality. Tricking some humans into the lifestyle of homosexuality is just one of their destructive objectives.

Also, regarding the supernatural, have you considered this—In the thousands of years of mankind's recorded history, there have been many, many claims of supernatural events—events that have no apparent natural, physical explanation. Now we all know that many of those claims have come from superstitious, ignorant, possibly insane, or even dishonest people. But, do you realize that—of all the supposed supernatural experiences that have been claimed over thousands of years—if just one is true, then we do exist in a world that is at least influenced, if not controlled, by supernatural, intelligent beings/ people—and the

atheists'/ evolutionists' claims of "there is no God"--must be stuffed in the Trash Can!
Page 2

-------------That's RIGHT-----------

Just one true supernatural event

—in all of history—

------would make the teachings of atheism, evolution pure nonsense-------

----------------fit for the trash can!--------------------

Note: humanism is atheism; so is evolution

Mr. or Miss Teenager of America, you have already read one of my many true supernatural experiences. Please understand, though, I am not bragging (this essay is not easy for me to write), and many of my experiences have involved a lot of frustration, aggravation, and even pain.

I am dead serious in hoping God will use this web site to turn many of you from the foolishness of atheism and its let's-pretend fraud called evolution—and—for those readers who are inclined towards or actually into homosexuality, may God bless you and use this essay towards helping you realize—with the help and power of God—you can reject that cruel deception!

Note: For those skeptical readers who don't care to consider my supernatural experiences but still want real-life advice on staying or getting out of homosexuality, please go to www.CitizenLink.com  www.pfox.org    www.askdrbrown.org  www.equip.org

www.sbministries.org   www.barbwire.com

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>My testimony<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

(Please know that—in this essay—I am only (with one exception) using some of the supernatural events that I can claim were made known to me through one or more of my senses: seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, and / or tasting. Also, I have tried to keep this essay readable by not going into certain details.)

I have always assumed God's existence and thought myself to be a Christian even after I quit going to church (I rebelled against my parents and was sure I knew best) for decades—living what I now must honestly call a stupid life.

Somehow, I had never realized what it means to know God—to be a real Christian (born again)—until addictions to smoking, alcohol and gambling plus bad health, bankruptcy, and feelings of hopeless desperation forced me to really, sincerely ask Jesus to come into my life.

He then pulled me out of that pit of death and gave me a new life—a life which has found at least one real purpose—to trash evolution, because that fake “science” has hijacked the good science of biology and is taking people away from God, which makes some of you readers more vulnerable to homosexuality—and all of you more vulnerable to suicide and the mental deceptions and other shortcomings discussed in my other articles.

I now offer a few more of my experiences over the last eighteen years. Surely these accounts will make you consider that I might just be right, and there is more to life than simpleton evolution. If you want to laugh, go ahead. I will not back down!

Page 3

—While sitting on the couch I felt something happening in the lower part of my heart. Suddenly, two rods rose out of my chest, and I could not move. A painful cutting then worked on my heart for what seemed like several seconds. I was then abruptly released, and the rods disappeared. This convinced me that God was going to determine when I die, so I quit worrying about chest pains and immediately returned to jogging, which I had not done in years.

—While at an evening church service, I had something in my eye that would not come out. The eye teared and hurt so much that I finally just gave up and quietly said, "Lord, please clean up my eye." I immediately felt a small object move through my eyelid and away. The pain left, and my eye soon started to dry out.

—Fat Tuesday (a holiday [Mardi Gras] in New Orleans) of '98, I was trying to repair a critical part (starter solenoid) on my car—there was no place open to buy any part, new or used. I could see that my repair re-assembly was very questionable (I had to cut and bend steel to get the solenoid apart ['89 Honda Accord]) and might not hold together in the manner needed for proper operation. While pondering what to do, out of the corner of my eye I saw something move. Turning my head, I watched the steel on the solenoid casing bend into the shape needed for the repair to be good.

—Two days after asking Jesus into my life, I felt the most terrible urge to smoke that I had ever had (a tingling feeling from my chest up to the roof of my mouth, skin deep, including my arms). I then heard a hissing sound and looked down to see a mist shooting out of a glass tube that was sticking out of my chest. After about two or three seconds, the tube and the urge to smoke went away (the same urge, tube, and cessation occurred the next day, Wednesday). I have neither smoked nor had any need to smoke—for over seventeen years now. (Note: Whether the glass tube was real or in my mind is not important when you consider the extremely strong "tingling" feeling [in my arms, even] of desperately needing a cigarette and the subsequent—instant and complete—removal of all desire for smoking. Somebody—like Jesus—was simply giving me physical and visual evidence of the work He was doing for me.) Also, you should know that I have neither wanted nor had a drink of alcohol since the day I asked Jesus into my life, but I have no sensory evidence of what He did to accomplish that miracle.

—While jogging at the top of a nearby overpass, I tripped on the raised pedestrian walkway. My right foot came down on the walkway, but as I was falling, I clearly saw my left foot coming down completely off the edge (which was almost a foot above the roadway). Somehow, by God's grace, my foot landed solid, as if on the walkway! This restored my balance, and I continued on.

—I had several situations where I would be sitting and think of something good I could do, and a big foam-rubber-like hand would then pat me on a shoulder as if approving of my thoughts. Was an invisible person standing beside me? I think so!

—While crossing a street (by myself), I tripped and fell and could not get up because of what felt like a hand was pressing on my back. The “hand” kept me down for three or four seconds, then allowed me to get up as cars started to approach my location.

—One time I was sitting on my bed and put my hand behind me to lean back. The palm of my hand landed on what felt like a small (about the size of a man’s folded-up billfold), square hot-water bag. The "bag" then wiggled violently and disappeared—note—I encountered this “bag” several other times: when trying to go to sleep, something like a hot-water bottle would move against my body—where my body was pressing on the sheet! I could only get it to go away by rising quickly and punching the place on the sheet where it was bothering me. My fist would strike something hot and soft that would disappear; I usually had to do this two or three times in any one night before it would stop bothering me.

—One night I awoke and sensed someone standing beside my bed (I happened to be on my side with one hand above my head, the other by my side, and no blanket or sheet on). Suddenly, what felt like a two-inch wide plastic or metal clamp closed around each of my wrists. I sat up, crossed my arms, which broke the grips, and told "it" to "Get out of here; God is with me!" It left, and I have not had that experience since.

—While jogging at the top of a nearby overpass (at night, but with street lights), I saw a dark form like a man several feet ahead and just off the walking ledge. As I approached, it moved into my path and seemed threatening—but experience had taught me not to be frightened, so I put a shoulder forward and felt a moderate-but-real thud, as this person/being broke up as if "he" was made of sand.

Those are some of the experiences that made me completely aware of supernatural beings or "persons," their existence and powers. I do not doubt that atheist psychologists and some “Christian” preachers who do not believe in the supernatural will try to dream up some way to try to make me seem ridiculous, even stupid. However, I will not back down.

The spirit world is real, and I believe some readers will “listen” to me and decide to chuck atheism (humanism) and evolution in the trash can. If you are a reader who does not believe me, you probably won’t be helped here. I  now repeat the list of websites you should check for other advice--especially concerning homosexuality. www.CitizenLink.com  www.pfox.org      www.askdrbrown.org  www.equip.org
www.sbministries.org   www.barbwire.com

Back to my homosexual story—

—Obviously, accepting Jesus into my life was a dramatic and profound experience; my new life went quite well for about two years. Unfortunately, I was expecting every supernatural event to be from God (the above negative experiences came after my first two years as a Christian). So, when things began to turn sour, and I started to have thoughts, sensations, invisible-but-physical attacks related to perversions (alcohol, drugs, or other humans were NOT involved), and my mind was getting threats of losing my salvation (going to hell) if I did not cooperate; I thought  God was demanding that I submit to the perversions —even though I knew what I was doing was wrong!

(Note—Truly born again Christians know you cannot lose your salvation, but my foundation in Christ somehow lacked that conviction at that time. I also lacked a proper appreciation of God’s holiness—goodness.)

To get on with my testimony—

—I knew I was doing wrong—going against the Bible, but the powers demonstrated by whoever was giving me these thoughts and sensations seemed, at the time, to be powers that I thought only God would have. I thought that I was being punished by God for sins like pride and seeking glory for myself—I had felt a degree of vanity because of so many dramatic, supernatural events. Unfortunately, after giving in to those thoughts and sensations, they became more and more frequent and intense. Some were extremely painful while others were extremely pleasurable. In both cases, there were times that I felt I was just one step away from death. Again, I must emphasize that drugs, alcohol, other people (humans) were not involved.

It wasn't long before I fell into about three months of doing perverse, homosexual acts with invisible, supernatural people/beings.* Strong thoughts, sensations, or external physical “attacks” would get things started, but I was not the cause—no pornography, alcohol, drugs, or humans involved. Somebody had control of me, and I was deathly afraid of spending eternity in hell.

-------------When you realize the reality of God, you should also realize the reality of hell----------

Page 5

"Control of me"? I believe I can rightfully blame a supernatural "person" because "it" usually, but not always, made me aware of its existence through movements in all parts of my body. Many thoughts had physical characteristics, such as laughing at me after-the-fact to make me realize "it" had been the cause of my doing, thinking, or saying something I knew was wrong.

Notice the above words but not always and after. The problem for the homosexual and the potential homosexual is that this supernatural "person" who instigates (starts) the homosexual sensations and thoughts may or may not make "his" existence known (for me I usually sensed its presence—but not always and sometimes only after the sensation had gone away). For you it may never reveal itself, which would make you think the feeling/sensations/thoughts are “normal” for you.

That is the key to this message.

----------------------Some "being" is putting perverse thoughts and sensations in your mind and body but not revealing "its" supernatural presence!----------------------

----------------Homosexuality is a supernatural trick—physical and mental!--------------------------

Psychologists say there are many possible factors that could condition some people to accept the idea that he or she could be homosexual----a person's family, social conditions, influences, and other elements-----------as I have said earlier, "Human sexual patterns are learned."(2) I add belief in evolution, because it denies the supernatural—unseen spirits that can trick your mind and body into thinking your homosexual thoughts and feelings are normal for you. That combination: spirit induced perverse thoughts and feelings with denial of the supernatural work together to fool you into believing you were born that way, leading you to the homosexual lifestyle—

----------but no one has to be a homosexual--------- Fight it! It's a trick!


REJECT ANY INCLINATION IMMEDIATELY!!!--the satanic beings will not give up easily, so you must be strong--but the real way to be strong is by being a child of God--which only comes from making Jesus your Lord and Savior--please read on!

My freedom from these attacks has not come easily, and freedom may not be easy for you—but those of you who do turn to God will realize the truth of my words.

Why ME?!

Somehow, despite all my church attendances and Bible studies, I had not developed the full appreciation of and trust in God and His Word (the Bible)—powers that I needed to immediately reject the attacks of perversion that developed into homosexual relationships with invisible "beings/persons."* Why I had to go through the misery of fighting off demonic attacks that tried to force me to become a homosexual, I do not know. I can only guess that God put me through that because He wants me to tell my story to help at least some people avoid or get out of that perverted lifestyle—

God's Word says"DON'T DO IT!"  Think of "Jimmy" (3rd paragraph, page 1). God loves all people, but He does not want us to be homosexual—see the Bible's Books of Leviticus, chapter 18, verses 22, 24 and chapter 22, verse 13 (Lev. 18:22, 24; 22:13); Deuteronomy 23, verse17 (Deut. 23:17); 1 Kings chapter 14, verse 24; chapter 15, verse 12; chapter 22, verse 46 (1 Kings 14:24; 15:12; 22:46); 2 Kings chapter 23:7 (2 Kings 23:7); Jeremiah chapter 23, verse 14 (Jere. 23:14);  Romans, chapter 1, verses 24—32 (Ro. 1:24—32); and First Corinthians, chapter 6, verses 9, 10, 11 (1 Cor. 6:9, 19, 11).

Page 6

Fortunately, I was still pursuing Bible study, and one night a study leader read from the Book of Romans, chapter 8, verse 1 (Ro. 8:1), which tells us those who believe in and are sincerely committed to Christ are "in Christ" and will not be condemned by God—we are forgiven! I had read Ro. 8:1 several times, but this time a light went on, and I realized the condemnation (threats from my supernatural "controller") I was receiving was not from God! I could and must fight back against the supernatural perverse and homosexual being(s) that had so much control over me.

By God's grace, I began to reject all perverse, homosexual influences and am writing this to tell you that you should and can do the same—but you need Jesus and His power! Don't rely on your own power—Go to God! (For your information, the attacks slowly diminished as I put more faith and trust in Jesus and His power by immediately rejecting the attack (if I delayed the rejection, the attack became stronger, and I would sometimes give in).

Fortunately, Jesus—by faith—lives in every Christian. Any lack of faith makes you appear weak and, therefore, vulnerable to the evil, spiritual influences, deceptions. So—I finally realized that I had to constantly remember that Jesus lives in me and would immediately reject every ungodly temptation or attack—and what a relief and pleasure it is to experience the power of God working in you!

So—if you want to get out of or not get into homosexuality, I suggest the following basic approach:

----------------First—commit yourself to Jesus (see below)

-----------------Read the Bible, get guidance from committed, mature, born again Christians.

----------------Learn how to fight with the Armor of God (see Ephesians 6:10--18)

----------------Just as former alcoholics should not associate with alcoholics, you should stay away from homosexuals—there is no good purpose served by putting yourself back into the lion’s den. It takes time and experience to build your faith in Christ.

----------------Remind yourself, have faith that Jesus lives in a true Christian—and would not think or do anything perverse. He who is in you (by faith)—Jesus—is greater than he who is in the world—Satan (1 John 4:4) Remember though, time and experience, as David had no fear of Goliath because of his experiences with God protecting him from the lion and bear (1st Samuel, chapter 17, verses 34—37 [1 Sam. 17:34—37]).  So, keep rejecting homosexual thoughts and feelings and ask your fellow Christians to pray for you.  Also, ask an older, long time, mature Christian or Christian counselor to check up on you--hold you accountable towards getting and staying out of homosexuality.  


Teenager of America, we live in a world that has powerful supernatural "people"—demons as the Bible calls them. If you don’t believe me, at least use some critical thinking and inquire about Christianity and why it has been so powerful for so long—a critical thinker is supposed to look at all sides of an issue, not just the evolution side. I believe you will then reject the foolishness of atheism and its con game of evolution—a game that wants you to pretend there is no God or other supernatural beings—good or evil.

Denying the supernatural makes you more likely to accept the evil deception of homosexuality—for others as well as yourself! (My other essays tell of some of the other dangers of believing in evolution). God wants to, can, and will help you through lifebut GOD DOES CONDEMN unrepentant (do not want to change) sinners TO HELL—and that includes unrepentant homosexuals as well as unrepentant liars, gossips, murderers, etc. So please go to Jesus now and take advantage of His awesome powers and love! Here's how to get started:

The key to Jesus is a sincere heart. So, start by recognizing (to Jesus) that we are all sinners who deserve our holy God's just consequences for our sins—death. Then, tell Jesus that you repent of your sins—you want to change your ways—sin no more. Tell Jesus that you believe He died on the Cross, taking the death penalty for you, and you believe that He defeated death by rising from the dead and is now at the right hand of God the Father. Then thank Jesus and ask Him to come into your heart, take over your life, and live through you.

Whether you have now accepted Jesus into you’re heart or not, be sure to find a Bible-believing, evolution-rejecting church. Then get involved in that church's Bible studies and spend time with those who know the most about God's Word—the Bible. Beware though, some "Christian" churches do not believe in God's miracles, the Bible, or the supernatural.  I have read of and actually heard a few pastors like this--so pay attention to the pastor's sermons.  Also,  listen to how the people talk to each other--without being nosy, of course.

Once you have become a born again Christian, ask your Bible-believing, evolution-rejecting church how to put on the "full armor of God" (God's armor is identified in the Book of Ephesians, chapter 6, verses 10 through 18). Incidentally, verse 12 tells us that there are supernatural, evil "people"--


                            REJECT EVOLUT

                   REJECT HOMOSEXUALIT

                           TURN TO JESUS


                 ENJOY THE REAL PLEASURE

                     OF KNOWING YOUR AND

                THIS UNIVERSE'S CREATOR.

May God bless you and your family. Herb G.

P.S. Note: www.CitizenLink.com   www.pox.org       www.askdrbrown.org  www.equip.org  
www.sbministries.org   www.barbwire.com

have many real-life testimonials on staying out and getting out of homosexuality and that there is no proof of anyone being born a homosexual.

*I have never acted in any perverted/homosexual manner with any human--man or boy, nor felt any attraction/sensation towards the same. However, I am not claiming total innocence on my part, as I must admit to some perverse actions (sometimes with use of pornography) in my past that I am ashamed of (I wish I knew then what I know now).

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Also, I have included in this web site a list of Bible subjects and where to find them. This may help some of you get started in knowing God—but don't be a loner: Find that Bible-believing, evolution-rejecting church!