Evolution encourages Teenage Suicide!

But evolution is WRONG—there is a God—and He helps teenagers reject suicide--and other depressing things like homosexuality!

Teenage Suicide--DON"T DO IT!Life is going to be really interesting as America throws evolution into the trash can—Stick around and see what happens!--You might even help!

In my tract,  Teenagers of America, I blame evolution as a major factor in teenage suicides, especially the
tripling of the rate at which teenagers killed themselvesas evolution became increasingly taught in public schools —while the suicide rate for the rest of the population did not change!  

Please note: Tripling of the rate is not related to the increasing size of our teenage population.
The phrase tripling of the rate does tell us that—where
one person in a group of young people killed him- or herselfin the past (A.D.1950), threeyoung people in the same-size group killed themselves in A.D.1990.

Note—I have more-recent information later in this article.  

Whyis evolution a major cause of young people's suicides? First, let me set the foundation by showing that depression is nearly always linked to suicide. I will then explain whyevolution is a strong contributor to depression--and the tripling of young people's suicide rate.(Note: All following bold emphases are mine unless otherwise noted.)

Spencer A. Rathus, psychologist, writes:

     About 13 people per 100,000 take their lives each

     year in the United State (To A.D.1989). Why? Most

     suicides are linked to feelings of depression and

     hopelessness . . .(1)

James A. Johnson, Victor L. Dupuis, et al., college education-textbook authors, write:

      The usual cause of adolescent suicide is                    extreme 
depression. It usually appears during             early adolescence, when normal physical and social

     development directs teenagers away from family

     ties. During this period, teens begin to look beyond

     the home for friendship and assistance in making

     value decisions. (2)

Dennis Coon, psychologist, writes of suicide:

     A combination of factors . . .lead to severe

     depression and a preoccupation with death as the

   “answer” to the person’s suffering. . . . The decision to      attempt suicide usually comes when a person is

    alone, depressed,(3)

Now, how did evolution triple the rate of suicide for young people?

Back in A.D.1962, our Supreme Court
banned school-initiated prayer (in public schools), and, to the further delight of humanists (atheists), in A.D.1963 they added the ban of school-directed reading of the Bible—this while public schoolscontinued to expandtheirteachingyoung people evolution'sgloom and doom attitude towards living.


Evolution brings Gloom and Doom? What am I saying? Well, let me quote a well-known evolutionist— Dr. William B. Provine, Professor of Biological Sciences, Cornell University

     Let me summarize my views on what modern    

     evolutionary biology tells us LOUD and CLEAR . . .

     There are no gods, no purposes, no goal-directed

     forces of any kind. There is no life after death.              When I die, I am absolutely certain that I am going to       be dead. That’s the end for me. There is no ultimate

     foundation for ethics, no ultimate meaning to life,

     and no free will for humans, either." (4) [bold capitals


What is a teenager to do?  If he or she becomes depressed—feels friendless, worthless, or hopeless for any reason—and believes in evolution as the unfortunate Dr. Provine does, then that teenager certainlywon't go to God because evolution has taught him or her there is no God!  The depressed, evolution-believing teenager also has no basic reason to want to live because evolution says life has no purpose or meaning.  Furthermore, teenagers will not wonder what kind of after-life they will have because evolution declares there isno after-life.  

Today's depressedteenager who believes in evolutionhasNO Hope!  Evolution has tricked him or her into thinking like the misguided Dr. Provine.

No doubt Dr. Provine and his fellow evolutionists have no ill intentions towards their students, but their mistaken beliefs and teachings of evolution—and the removal of prayer—has made
evolution and its doomsville attitude towards life the dominate belief system taught in public schools—teaching NO HOPE for the depressed!

The logic* of how Dr. Provine's evolution factors in to the killing of depressed evolution-believing teenagers looks like this:

IfI am depressed, have no one to talk to, and there is no God Who might help me, thenthere is no hope for                                                                                     me

—I am depressed, have no one to talk to, and evolution                                      says there is no God to help me

—Therefore, there is no hope for me

Which means—byevolutionclaiming there is no God, it becomes a major factorin more teenage suicides!

My conclusion is supported by Allan C. Ornstein and Daniel U. Levine, college education-textbook writers, who state:

      Reasonsfor this increase [suicide rate] appear to

      include a decline in religious valuesthat inhibit      

      suicide, . . .(5)

Of course, and I repeat—Removal of prayer has made God-less
 gloom and doom evolution public schools' featured belief system. Religious values do inhibit destructive thoughts and behavior—religious values do inhibit suicide. In my case, Jesus really pulled me out of a desperate, hopeless situation (Please see my article "About Herb Grossman"); also, there are many many others who testify to that same effect.

Now—Further support of my claim that your fellow teenagers were committing suicide at three times the rate of A.D.1950.  Here are my sources and what they wrote:

First, Dennis Coon's older textbook on psychology (published in A.D.1977) notes the sad trend in increasing teenage suicides—

     There has been a
recent increase in suiciderates for

     adolescents and young adults. Part of this increase

     comes from the ranks of college students where

     suicide is the leading cause of death.(6)


The trend continued. James A. Johnson and his fellow education-textbook writers say:

     Suicide rates among young people are on the rise.

     In fact, the rate of teen suicide has tripled during

     the past thirty years.  By 1992, as reported by

     the National Institute of Mental Health, the leading

     cause of death for fifteen- to twenty-four- year olds

     was suicide.  At the same time, suicide rates for the

     rest of the U.S. population have remained relatively


Johnson, et al. (and others) also wrote in A.D.1996:

"teen suicide is growing at an alarming rate"(8)

Allan C. Ornstein and Daniel U. Levine, education writers, wrote:

     Educators have become more concerned about

     suicide among young people.  The data indicate that

     the suicide rate among children and youth more

     than tripled between 1950 and 1990, and some

     surveys suggest that as many as one in ten school-

     age youth may attempt suicide.(9)

So, what has happened since the A.D. 1990s?

The drastic rise in teen suicide caused enough alarm in this nation such that serious attempts at suicide prevention were begun—and with some success. A report issued September 9, A.D.2007 stated:

     The CDC [Center for Disease Control and

     Prevention] report which is based on the latest

     numbers available, shows a complete turnaround as

     suicide rates have fallen by 28.5 percent since 1990

     among young people."**

Unfortunately, the same report also said:

     It seems the suicide rate for children and young

     adults aged between 10 to 24 years rose 8 percent

     from 2003 to 2004, which is the largest annual

     increase in more than 15 years."**

Now, I commend our schools for trying to prevent teen suicide, and they have the right idea when they try to encourage a depressed teenager to talk about his or her problem—provided the teachers are able to identify a teenager that is in danger of committing suicide!  I again quote James A. Johnson and his fellow textbook writers:

     The best aid that a teacher can give is to encourage

     the student [who has early signs of depression and

     needs professional help] to talk about the problem

     and to seek medical help.(10)

The problem is that the amount of concern and ability that teachers, counselors, and doctors have for you ranges from little to what some would call a lot. But while some depressed teenagers might get the needed help to avoid suicide, many will still go unnoticed or receive inadequate treatment--when they COULD HAVE GONE TO GOD—THROUGH JESUS—IN THE FIRST PLACEor at least as a last resort, if they had not been fooled by the hoax of evolution!

Also, a report at the following address speaks of the help that is available for youth with problems.

www.nytimes.com/2013/01/09/ health/gaps-seen-in-therepy-for-suicidal-teenagers.html?

I present a small but significant part of the report:

Health Study Questions Effectiveness of Therapy for Suicidal Teenagers 

By BENEDICT CAREY Published: January 8, 2013

     Most adolescents who plan or attempt suicide have

     already received at least some mental health

     treatment, raising questions about the effectiveness

     of current approaches to helping troubled youths,

     according to the largest in-depth analysis to date of

     suicidal behaviors in American teenagers.

     The study, in the journal JAMA Psychiatry, found that

     55 percent of suicidal teenagers had received

     some Therapy before they thought about suicide,

     planned it or tried to kill themselves, contradicting

     the widely held belief that suicide is due in part  to a

     lack of access to treatment. [bold emphasis mine]

So, Mr. or Miss Teenager of America, if you are depressed, I highly recommend that you go to God—Jesus--Learn how when you see some big blue Xs a few paragraphs below. Only God knows all of the answers to your problems.  

Because—with God, there is Hope!  PLUS—you will realize that only someone with the intelligence and powers of God could have created this universe, world, and all the fantastic creatures in it.

He pulled me (and countless others) out of a pit of death.  God loves you, too, and has a purpose for you, but to discover that purpose, you must first turn to Jesus.

Over a century ago, a teenager discovered he could talk to Jesus. Weather had forced him to go into a small church. While there he heard a layman (a person with no formal training) substitute for the pastor say:

"Young man, look to Jesus Christ. Look! Look! Look! You have nothing to do but to look and live."(11)

Charles H. Spurgeon took this to heart and started on a road to a fantastic, rewarding life.                                                           

Charles Spurgeon is in just about every encyclopedia.

You too can——Look, look to Jesus and LIVE!

If you truly seek Jesus, you will find Him--AND DISCOVER HOW TO REALLY LIVE!

(You might look into my article on evolution & homosexuality to learn of a few of God's ways of impressing Christians with His love, grace, mercy, and powers.)


-----------seek Jesus by talking to Him, getting and reading a Bible, believing in Him----------------.

And then you will

know that God—Jesus—loves you

know that God created you for a purpose

know you can talk to God about your problems

know that you can trust God

know that—because Jesus defeated death—you too can defeat death—and  have eternal life with your Creator—God

begin to see God's power and love in action on earth

Jesus is knocking at your door! (You cannot see Him, but He is right beside you.)

Open the door by starting to talk to Jesus--you can't see Him, but He is right beside you!

Admit that you have done wrong—sinned against God (We all have, and some sins seem terrible, but the blood of Jesus cleanses every sin you have done—or will do!)

Tell Jesus you want to change, sin no more

Believe that Jesus is God, Who died for your sins.

Believe that Jesus rose from the dead.

Thank Jesus and ask Him to come into your heart, take over your life, and make you His—God's—servant forever. (expect to start sensing a change and trust that God is now in you).

Then run to a Bible-believing, evolution-rejecting church and tell them what you have done—and start learning to know God—an awesome thrill!

Those of you who still have doubts: Do yourself a big favor and at least run to a Bible-believing, evolution-rejecting church and ask for more information about Jesus—and  start learning about God—Whose power and love are real!

End Notes:------

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* (This valid (good) logic (above, page 2) is explained at the beginning of my article on evolution and poor thinking.

**see the full report (above, page 3) at http://www.news-medical.net/?id=29571