Of the several arguments for the existence of God, I believe the Cosmological Argument is one of the strongest additions to the design evidence that we (and atheists) see in nature.  The following is a basic outline.  Please look it over; I think you will agree with me.  

 The Cosmological Argument for the Existence of God*

NOTE-- Definition and its meaning

—An effect is something that did not exist at one time.

                Since all forms of matter and life that we can 
                see or touch did not exist at one time, all                           things (you, me, the universe) must be effects

This argument takes some principles of knowledge (First Principles—things that just have to be true) and puts them together in a logical form that leads to the rational conclusion that God must exist.  

--First Principles and their necessary meaning

          —Every effect must have a cause.

          --All matter and life that we can see or touch must                      have a cause (science looks for causes).

          —Nothing causes nothing.

                      It takes something that exists to cause                                 something to come into existence (to cause                       an effect).

           —The effect gets whatever it has and is from its                    cause--The cause is greater than the effect.

 --Deductions (LOGIC)
            From the above we can deduce the following.

           —Since nothing causes nothing, if there ever                        was nothing, there would still be nothing today.

           —Things (effects) exist today, so something of                       prior existence must have caused them.  That                   "something" must be eternal and un-caused                       (otherwise it would be an effect)—it is called                    the eternal un-caused First Cause.

            —Since the effect gets all it is from its cause, this                 eternal, un-caused First Cause must have the                     the power to give all the characteristics—

                such as life, matter, intelligence—that the

                universe's effects have.

            —This eternal un-caused First Cause must have

                 life and intelligence if it is to have the powers

                 to give all the characteristics we see in

                 nature--which means it must be a living

                and VERY intelligent Being—we call this

                Being God.*

AND, please be warned that this God says



See Romans chptr 3, verses10, 23; chptr 6, verse 23a 


The God of the Bible--the eternal, Un-caused First Cause--has provided a way for every imperfect human to become legally perfect, thus, avoiding God's eternal-death penalty. God does this by imputing (assigns possession of) His Son's righteousness to those of us who SINCERELY ask for forgiveness of—and—repent (want to change, sin no more) of our sins, believe that Jesus died for our sins and rose from the dead (proving that He is God); and ask Him to come into our heart and take over our life (see Romans 5:8; 6:23b; 10:9, 10, 13).

Teenager of America—the sooner you turn to Jesus the better.  Life on earth is too short and eternity is too long to live either without God--
I tried living on earth without God--it was a dumb decision!

Please read the following to learn how you can make the greatest decision anyone can make in life!

God’s grace, mercy, salvation, and corrections are available to every one of us—but ONLY through His Son Jesus Christ! You should know that He is just a sincere confession, repentance, and belief away. Find a Bible and look up Romans 3:10, 23; 6:23a; 5:8; 6:23b; 10:9, 10, 13; Luke 13:3; Acts 7:55, 56; and John 14:15—20! Then start by confessing to Jesus that you—like me and everyone else—are a sinner who deserves our holy God's consequences for sin—death. Tell Jesus that you repent of your sins—you want to change your ways, sin no more. Tell Jesus that you believe He died on that Cross to take YOUR DEATH PENALTY—AND—He defeated death by rising from the dead and is now at the right hand of God the Father. Then thank Jesus and ask Him to give you a new life—come into your heart and live through you.

If you were truly sincere—from your heart, you have just begun a fantastic journey with God.  

* My (Herb Grossman) understanding and brief outline of Norman Geisler's scholarly and comprehensive writing in the Baker Encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics. Grand Rapids, MI:Baker Academics, A.D. 1999, 160--ff.

The Cosmological Argument For The Existence Of God