The following lists of websites and books should help you have a better understanding of homosexuality and how to avoid or get out of that sad perversion.

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Nicolosi, Dr. Joseph and Nicolosi, Linda Ames. A Parent"s guide for Preventing Homosexuality--see the button "Help for Homosexuals" for ordering info.

Brown, Dr. Michael L. A Queer Thing Happened To America. Concord, NC, EqualTime Books,  (A.D. 2011)

(A comprehensive analysis of several aspects of homosexuality and its organizations.)
Dallas, Joe. When Homosexuality Hits Home. Eugene, OR., Harvest House Publishers, (A.D. 2004)  (How to deal with a friend or family member who is or is becoming homosexual.) 

Staver, Mathew D. Same-Sex Marriage. Nashville, TN, Broadman & Holman Publishers, (A.D. 2004)  (Homosexuals can change and the problems to expect with homosexual marriage.)

Lively, Scott & Abrams, Kevin. The Pink Swastika, Homosexuality in the Nazi Party.  Sacramento, CA, Veritas Aeterna Press, (A.D. 2002) (The nature of Hitler's pre-World War II Germany.)

Brown, Dr. Michael L. Can You Be Gay and Christian?.Lake Mary FL, Front Line, (A.D. 2014)

(God's Word on homosexuality and how Christians should relate to those who think they are both gay and Christian.)

Dallas, Joe. Desires in Conflict, Hope for Men Who struggle with Sexual identity. Harvest House

Dallas, Joe. A Strong Delusion: Confronting the Gay Christian Movement. Eugene OR. : Harvest House, (A.D. 1996).

Books and Websites on Homosexuality