About Herb Grossman

I am not exactly proud to tell about myself--Trying to live without God in my life had some unpleasant  results, but I realize it should be a part of my story. So, for better or worse, these are some snapshots of my life.

Born in Kansas in

       Note. I use A.D. when citing years as my attempt to remind people of Jesus. Those letters stand for anno domini--Latin for "In the Year of Our Lord," The year Jesus was born, not "after death" (the year He died), as some people think.

Graduated from High School in
A.D. 1960 (Northeast H.S., Lincoln, NE)

Served in U.S. Navy
A.D. 1962--1966  Vietnam Vet. My ship was in the combat zone, but I, personally, did not experience actual combat. (I worked as support for combat aircraft)

Graduated from College in
A.D. 1973 (Bachelors degree in Business Administration; University of Tulsa)

Two disastrous marriages,  my alcoholism was a major reason.   May God bless my ex-wives as He has blessed me--Jesus does wonders for those who commit to Him.

Made my living as an electronics technician (Had my own business in New Orleans for sixteen years)

An alcoholic from age twenty or twenty-one to fifty-five.

Addicted to gambling from age fifty-two to fifty-five.  Filed for bankruptcy due to $65,000 in credit card debts from my gambling.

Smoked from age nineteen to twenty-eight, then from age thirty to fifty-five.

Asked Jesus to take over my life when I was fifty-five, and my addictions disappeared overnight--for 19-years now--with absolutely no need or desire--physically or emotionally--to drink, smoke, or gamble! 

Completed a three-year layman's Bible College (Faith Bible Institute-great, look them up).  The more you get into the Bible, the better you see it pointing to Jesus and our need for Him.  I really feel sorry for those who try to discredit the Bible, but I also will do every thing I can to counter their efforts.

Moved to Charlotte, NC in A.D. 2008.  Lived with my mother who recently passed away at age 103--she's with Jesus now!.  I have made my major focus in life informing people, especially teenagers, of the dangers and wrongness of evolution and homosexuality--with directions to Jesus--the answer to life's problems.

I see belief in evolution as a major reason why some people become Bible critics, reject God, and see no wrong with homosexuality.  Sadly, I recently met a vulgar fifteen-year-old boy who bragged about the money he made as a male prostitute for men--He did accept the Bible I offered, though.  That gives me hope that God may well be in the process of changing that young man's mind and habits.

So, if you read my articles, you will see that my experiences with God and my analyses of the nature of evolution give me good reasons to establish this website.   

May God convince you to give serious consideration to my words.  After all, you are going to spend eternity somewhere—may it be with our loving, holy, and righteous God.

Thank you for visiting my website.    ---Herb G.    .

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