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The teaching of evolution is robbing America’s teenagers of their intellectual potentials.   By allowing the atheists to teach our young people the imaginary "science" of evolution, we are crippling the ability of America's youth to survive and thrive in life's real world.  We adults have been wrong and dumb to let atheists get control of our schools, and having heard young people mimic atheist-evolutionist thinking once too often has compelled me to establish this site.

 Please note: The technical fallacies (errors, deceptions) of evolution have been well proven by many competent, scientific scholars, and I would not pretend to improve on them (my lists of "Books to Read"  and "Links to other websites" identify just a few of those scholars). What I am trying to do is show America’s young readers some of the ways evolution can harm their life.  America's youth are intelligent people with great potential, and I firmly believe they will want to actively pursue  ridding our schools of evolution when they see the truth of this atheist/humanist hoax! 

Hello, My name is Herb Grossman. Let me give you a preliminary idea of why I am so against evolution.

I’ve spent a lifetime solving problems for a living, and you don’t solve problems unless you use good logic and good data.  The theory of evolution became my concern several years ago, and when I looked at some of its basics, its explanations just did not look right.  I decided to make a serious study of this so-called "science" and became utterly amazed that evolutionists can use their childish thinking, make their claims, and still keep a straight face--how can adult human beings think that way?  To be more precise--How can people use bad logic, ignore good data, and still have the nerve to claim to be scientists?

Mr. or Miss Teenager of America, please read my articles closely.  Your life will be much improved if you reject evolution and its way of thinking.


Once you realize that believing in evolution will be a harmful influence in your life, I believe you, as America's future, will have the courage to stand up and reject this false "science."  And when you do, America's adults will stand with you--It is high time for this nation to make our public schools put all thoughts and books that promote the hoax of evolution where they belong--in the trash can of bad history!

Questions?  Criticism?  Praise?  Support?  You can reach me, Herb Grossman, at--

trash_evolution@att.net    or       trashevolution@att.net       (preferably the one on the left)              

    or                       P.O. Box 690714,     Charlotte, NC     28227

P.S.   Please forgive me for not using superscripted numbers with my quotations and not                    properly indenting my longer quotations.  My web site program doesn't seem to want to let me use those grammatical elements.

P.P.S.  Please note:  I realize that you, the reader, might think I could be more persuasive if I actually said something good about evolutionists.  Well, I have put a fair amount of thought to that, and the nearest I can come is to say that most of them would probably make really good scientists if they would simply drop evolution and its way of thinking.  They would also be a lot more productive in their work, because they would have more time to study the real world—which means the American taxpayer would get a lot more for his and her money on the work done in our public institutions.